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Welcome to Red Herring Tone Bones Pickups

RED Herring ‘tone-bones’…..Scatter wound vintage style guitar pickups

Handwound replacement vintage style pickups…. ‘tone-bones’ that are crafted for a better tonal palette and… to ENHANCE your performance

RED Herring ‘tone bones’ are all handwound replacement vintage style pickups “specified and voiced” for your various guitars and their tonal requirement.

Our vision is to inspire you…

There are standards to be acknowledged, surpassed and improved upon….

In the webshop the prices of the ‘tone-bones’ are shown-there is.. NO SALES TAX… for anywhere in Europe or anywhere across the pond ;

BUT tracked postage costs are extra -see “Terms of business + Postage” -on this link  or if you scroll right down on the website  page footer-all items posted are tracked.

On the prices shown for some pickups/options you will have to pay extra for covers- like the vintage/ trad wired RED  Herring Humbucker PAFs

Custom wound bespoke orders are ordered via email & typically cost 20-25% extra- to the standard ‘tone-bone’ prices shown

You can  e-mail us with custom order enquiries or for our prices on bulk orders …Email the RED Herrings team on


Again PLEASE do read our  TERMS of Business clicking here or see below for full details of our Terms of serving & doing business with YOU..!

Our specialist winder is based in the USA and does the job all by his jolly “red herring self” – so youre getting the really collectible “tone-bones” from the off

He has over twenty years’ experience in re-winding and repairing some of the oldest and rarest vintage guitar pick-ups in the world, for some of the most famous guitar slingers in the music industry.

Red Herring have now enticed him out of a “fisherman’s retirement” … hence Red Herring’s distinctly piscine theme!

If due to your rampamt demand  we need to scale up our operations he will oversee another herring doing jobs.. like wax potting & flat-work

BUT we want to remain  a boutique  maker of tone bones-this is central  in our whole philosophy; nothing chinese going on in this pond but there is alot of red going down here – thanks to all of you….

NOTE: All RED Herring pickup details are etched on the baseplate ..with tone-bone model /date /tone bone position neck Middle or Bridge etc  …so that in 50 years when these are rare & highly sought after  vintage collectors items -the collectors amongst you will know exactly what you have paid $1000 for..Rock on Garth!


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Registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ
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