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Custom Guitars

Hand built, Nitro lacquer spray painted solid ELECTRIC GUITAR BODIES, + Custom NECKS, + RED Herring custom PICK-Ups in webshop & CUSTOM WIRING harness …available to order

**All guitar bodies are hand-routed in England- ‘63 Strat /HSH Super Strat & H1 Strat & Telecaster/Cabronita, + cool Telemaster routed guitar bodies, some Jag /Mustang available.. depends on stock

**Selected light solid woods- below 2 kg-available in Swamp Ash & red Alder-2-3 x pcs. with off-set join
All neck pockets have a counter sunk coin a trademark for RED Herring built, – an Indian head on a 1 cent coin… set into the neck pocket

**Thin Nitro cellulose lacquer paint-light relic finish in Seafoam Green, Daphne & Lake Placid Blue; Fiesta & Dakota Red, vintaged Olympic White, 1950s style 2x tone Encore Brown /Amber burst etc , ‘50s grain drop fill on swamp ash-no plastic body fillers used-you hear only ..that sweet resonance of ALL WOOD TONE

**Un-finished Body Prices start at £120 /SEK 1200 not sealed or painted .. but sanded
Finished/painted start at £300 /SEK 3000 ….includes nitro paint job & shielded body cavity

+ Custom necks available , prices start GBP 200/ SEK 2000 no nut , nitro or hardware …completed necks £350/ SEK 3500
+ Custom wiring harness- with top quality components available &
of course our very own …hand wound in USA RED Herring pickups also available –NOTE: RED Herring vintage correct “Filtertronic Feeders” soon available for TELE Cabronita etc

Enquiries please email –

50% deposit required when order given & accepted

Strats are Singing !!

This is a RED Herring fully customised strat-all nitro paint, with late’ 60s pickups by RH and Jimmy Vaugh custom wiring harness..alot of attack & honkiness/Warmoth 59 neck:

Selection of RED Herring custom built guitars-hand built fat profile necks by Kevin master luthier at Augustas Guitars Oklahoma City

A selection of RED Herring custom built guitars-hand built fat profile necks by Kevin master luthier at Augustas Guitars Oklahoma City Swamp & alder  wood – light well cut2x pcs  bodies Stainless screws Handcut pickguards Nitro lacquer paints Clear bobbin ZEP Humbuckers-split coil wired Bisonic pup – on Black Beauty 52 bass Snow White bass- […]

RED Herring Custom Strat/Tele fretted necks

Well here are the first ten RED Herring Custom Strat/Tele necks all fretted now as of Wed 16 April 2014 . Wow, what a chunk of work for Kevin to fret that many necks in a row, lol. The other 4 x need the special MOP inlays and then they will also be fretted as […]

New Fretted Custom Necks

Here is the first of the latest custom RED Herring necks… now with stainless steel jumbo frets. Delays due to fret saw blade warping The inlays, side dots, radius, tuner holes, tuner guide pin holes, shaping of the headstock & fretting are done for this first one. All this one needs now is contour shaping, […]

Custom necks

“Some really nice figured maple custom necks on the RED Herring work bench-Strat, Tele, Mustang, P Bass, Jazzmaster..aiming at C profile fat necks..keep your hands full!” Double truss rods, stainless steel jumbo frets… These will have exotic hard-wood fret boards with real white/gold & abalone MOP block & trapezoid inlays; The fretboard woods will include-Brazilian […]

Custom decals as used by RED herring

Waterslide headstock decals high quality opaque inks. We can print almost any pantone colour including ‘Metallic GOLD’ ‘Metallic SILVER’ … EVEN WHITE! RED Herring decal Fonts – “spaghettei” lettering Fender style, and vintage era correct 1950s 1960s & 1970s –decals created by “guitar decals” in the UK Website:

Registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ
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