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Gibson Bridges – A History

First, a little background on Bridges compliments of Stew mac A Tune-o-maticbridge timeline: 1954: ABR-1 bridge-wired The ABR-1 is the original Tune-o-matic, designed by Gibson’s Ted McCarty for their arch-top guitars. Its first Les Paul appearance was on the Custom model in 1954. It’s a slim bridge that sits on two posts screwed directly into […]

Tone of a guitar from Gary Levinson Blade Guitars

Conclusion: Each piece of wood has it’s own unique sound. This sound is determined by the physical factors specific gravity, hardness and elasticity. The resonant frequency on the wood influences the overtones and the resulting harmonic series, which determines the tonal characteristic of the guitar . The woods used for guitar construction should be measured […]

May 2014 – MOD SHACK

As Im building custom RED Herring Strats currently with either ‘ 50s 60s or 70s custom wound pups & also the signature Gypie Mayo 62 strat single coils-Ive decided  we will look at Strat & the various ways suggested for the set up of the VIBRATO unit & bridge, (mistakenly called a tremolo)-heres some ideas […]

VALUES OF CAPACITORS & HOW to understand & compare their RATINGS

Welcome to this months Mod-Shack This mod-post is of great value Herrings-I believe you will find this “capacitor values” table as invaluable as I do when scouring the dark corners of the pond for those rare capacitors that add to the holy grail of tone-so you know what it is youre actually buying as capacitance […]

La Cabronita TELE

As stated in the adverts…she rocks &… “This incarnation of the Telecaster guitar with a lot more attitude, the Cabronita Telecaster® guitar rocks a highly distinctive take on a classic design and spits out fiery, full-voiced Tele® tone from two sharp new Fideli’Tron™ humbucking pickups. Other premium features include an alder body (ash on White […]

Jerry Donahue Telecaster Wiring

ALL Telecaster wiring configs:   Jerry Donahue config: Based on information from Seymour Duncan here about the switching of the Fender Jerry Donahue Tele, this is my wiring diagram above. There are some differences between the Peavey version and the Fender version of the Jerry Donahue Tele. I don’t know if the Fender […]

MUSTANG –Wiring configs schematic & mods Buy Full Mustang kit: from Custom World Guitar (Euro 124) in Netherlands This is a modified Mustang schematic above-cf to the Seymour Duncan, mods at switches This link shows pics of how to wire the Mustang in the std wiring configuration ie the 2x position DP DT switches-all attach to […]

The Fender Greasebucket Tone Circuit

we are going to post regular cool guitar mods that we find or have sourced on the web or in Blogs or Forums & gather them all together & present them here-such you can take a cheaper guitar & really turn it into a top sounding player-for not a huge outlay of dosh -typically replacing […]

Treble Bleed Circuits

Back in the RED HERRING MOD shack! Improve your tone with simple mods & by using top quality components-we are looking at electronics..key improvements  from using American-made Switchcraft switches jacks and CTS pots + Orange Drop/Silver mica/Paper in Oil  capacitors and carbon comp or metal film resistors, circuts wire Belden 22 awg silicon coated wire […]

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