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Tone of a guitar from Gary Levinson Blade Guitars

Conclusion: Each piece of wood has it’s own unique sound. This sound is determined by the physical factors specific gravity, hardness and elasticity. The resonant frequency on the wood influences the overtones and the resulting harmonic series, which determines the tonal characteristic of the guitar . The woods used for guitar construction should be measured […]

Whole lotta love has now landed!

Whole lotta love has now landed! Available in Red herring webs-shop TODAY The Herrings are pleased to announce the ARRIVAL of the RED Herring ZEP Humbucker PAF…and see the REVIEWS section on the website for a glowing testimonial by a US session man & Luthier.. in an A/B shoot out between this snarling bucket of […]

RED Herring 5 x String Jazz Bass tone-bones..

Output of these pickups are 9.7k and 9.2k..they sound like the regular RH Jazz Bass…see testimonials on website & below. The increased ohm reading is due to the extra length of the bobbin and DOES NOT equate to a hotter pickup. “….perfectly rounded lows. Not heavy but what is there is just perfect – tight […]

RED Herring Filter-hystronic Feeder tone-bone!

News flash-hot off the press announcement The long awaited and much vaunted RED Herring Filter-hystronic Feeder tone-bone has just landed-wound to proper 50s vintage spec with orig spec nickel chrome covers… Bridge output is 5k and neck is 4.6k…. Built on original narrow taller than PAF NOS nylon Filtertron bobbins They sound just like the […]

Website Launch!

We launch RED HERRING “tone-bones”  & our website today– the Herrings shoal… & go LIVE today Thursday – Hallowed Herrings & All Saints Day- 31 10 2013 AND…All sound clips of replacement RED HERRING “tone-bones” will be posted any day now! RED Herrings tech director Earl Rivers  today also announces …. the launch of the […]

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