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A review of RED Herring- 5 x string Jazz bass tone-bones

Ants H-the lucky purchaser of these custom built 5 string J bass tone-bones.. is a very experienced bass player currently playing in a latin band but also a blues and a reggae & Irish/gaelic bands, so versatility and great sonics are the key words;  here’s his review of these tone-bones Not built on red bobbins […]

RED Herring custom split coil “Boat load of ZEP” Humbucker Pafs

“Also, Earl the RED Herring split coil Humbuckers modelled on the  Zep/Jimmy Page PAFs  pickups arrived today. they are looking fantastic wound on the clear nylon bobbins Here’s what I found: I wanted to compare them to the Seymour Duncan “Whole Lotta Humbuckers” that  I love so much Taking readings from each set of PAFs […]

Red Herring Jazz Bass – tone-bones

For many years I have been blissfully happy playing on a JV jazz bass. It has the tonal range to cover any style of music I throw at it and the pickups have mellowed nicely over the years. My initial reaction to the red herrings was ‘Wow!’ and that was just opening the box. They […]

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