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Terms of Business and Postage

Ordering RED Herring ‘tone-bone’ guitar pick-ups

Red Herring ‘tone – bones’  is a new business in that we can now  offer our experience & handwound pickups DIIRECT to YOU and a wider audience not just specific musicians BUT we have been repairing and re-winding rare guitar pickups and  been building vintage style ‘tone-bone’ pickups on a custom order basis for over 20 years now and we are now expanding our offer  via this webshop to ALL OF YOU-

Please check our listings on our RED Herring website shop for  for our other SPECIALITY handcrafted pickups like the lush RED Herring -Teisco SS Ry Cooders  the spanking Filtertrons coming, the Dynasonics, and the lapsteel Red Herring tone-bones

 Ordering  & Buying your RED Herring  ‘tone –bone’ pick-ups:

We at RED Herring guitar pickups have had good experience dealing with foreign customers. We have sold ‘tone-bone’ pickups to pleased customers in  Germany-Deutschland,  USA, Australia, Finland, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, Scotland, Brazil, South Africa, Bahrain, Norway, Singapore and Japan.

The standard RED Herring ‘tone-bone’ pickups offered in the pick-up  listings of the webshop can usually only be hand-wound to order, unless we happen to be carrying extra stock, so turnaround time can be 1- 3 weeks

All prices exclude any shipping/postal or tracking costs to get the goods delivered to your door-we are too small to register  to charge you VAT/taxes yet..

  1. Utilise the RED Herring web SHOP to buy your standard spec RED Herring ‘tone bone’ pick ups-all currency prices & postage costs will be calculated as you check out
  2. There is NO VAT or MoMs tax
  3. For custom features like specific wire etc  on your  orders -add an extra 20%  to the standard spec prices- BUT please contact us first and specify what you need by e-mail
  4. Specify your requirements…We will then respond and discuss, notify you about possibilities then send you a ADVANCE bill/pro-forma incl postage & tracking.
  5. You will then pay us in ADVANCE the amount via Paypal or  at your bank – to our RED Herring Paypal <> 
  6. Once your  moneys are cleared ..We at RED Herring will then ship/post the pickups to you.
  7. There are NO CANCEL OUTS or REFUNDS once your order has been placed.  (Sorry, no exceptions!)

  8. For any other direct purchase enquiries -which we welcome  – please best to email us at
  9. We as a general rule dont sell tone-bones other than via our website-we may stock some shops with Gypie Mayo 62 Signature strat sets

 CUSTOM ORDERS: On custom orders-We will email back & give you the total of pickups and shipping. Expect 1-3 weeks delivery for new tone bone custom built pickups.

Buying SINGLE ‘tone-bones’ : We can sell *single ‘tone-bone’ pickups-these will be usually 50% of the shown cost/price of the standard web shop set

(*Please remember mixing manufacturers means you can end up with the incorrect magnetic polarity inducing hum)

Postage shipping & delivery  Terms:

 We only ship by country postal service eg Swedepost, Royal mail , US postal services and standard international post.

-Postal charges include insurance and tracking.

The Postage cost is NOT included in the RED Herring pick-ups price. Use the RED Herring website Shop calculator for shipping & postal charges.

Typically costs of post with.. TRACKING.. from our mailing site in Sweden are  indicated as costing ** £10/110 SEK – for  Sweden and £16/160 SEK  for rest of  Europe.

USA orders we ship direct from our USA winding shack- so about $7 or …£30/$40 if posted from Europe

Any more …we ask for more and less- we rebate difference back to you-we charge just what it costs us in postage. We know you are all starving artists!

**Please note tracking on post/airmail is expensive BUT it covers us both, we are sure the goods arrive to you-you can track where your ‘tone-bones’ are  swimming to…

RED Herring ‘tone-bone’ Prices and our  Returns Policy

All prices shown exclude any VAT or any EU country tax.. BECAUSE we dont charge any tax yet  as we are too small and havent crossed a VAT/tax  threshold

(some pricing does NOT include the pickup covers (eg Humbucker PAF & Strat covers with screws  are NOT included in the price -so please read the details/spec  given in the web shop carefully)

RED Herring reserves the rights to change its stated ‘tone-bone’ Prices as required and at any time -as will be reflected in the in the SHOP pricing – this change will not be random but is based on market factors like suppliers raising cost of parts

RED Herring will ONLY accept returns if goods are proven as damaged in transit (lotsa photos please of both the damaged packaging & the damage to goods)

We have a repairs service so if you damage your ‘tone-bones’  while playing or between gigs. Enquire by email for any rewind/repair costs



Registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ
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