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Why replace your guitar pick-ups ?

Replacing your stock guitar pick-ups can enhance your guitar  tonal qualities & your  performance..Replacing them with handwound RED Herring ‘tone-bones’ …will blow your mind

What is a guitar pickup?
An electromechanical device for sensing the string vibration as it is plucked causing electrical current to be generated which is then amplified and reproduced over a speaker. The output of an electric pickup, depending on its design, may be proportional to the velocity or amplitude of the moving string.

What is the basic construction of a magnetic guitar pickup?

Why Scatter Wound?

Scatterwound just means “hand-wound”….There is a reason that transmission lines are not run parallel with one another – and that the telephone pole has a nice wide “T” at the top….

To Prevent EMI – electromagnetic interference. This applies to guitar pickups as well. Automated winding machines lay each turn parallel to the previous turn in a very uniform pattern causing much signal “bleed” or EMI resulting in compromised tone qualities.This is greatly reduced by an irregular or “Scatter Wound” coil having much overlapping with “air” spaces between the turns. Leo Fender proclaimed that “No machine can wind a better sounding pickup than a skilled hand winder”.Old school scatter wound pickups produce a wide spectrum of inner coil capacitance due to intentional variations in wire tension and wind pattern and re-create classic tones that only a hand wound pickup can deliver. After all you have invested in your skills, instrument and various equipment, do you want to settle for anything less than the absolute best pickups available? Why sound like the average player when you’re not? For that matter, why sound like everyone else playing mass produced factory junk when you can have affordable vintage scatter wound tone?

Depending on the design of the pickup there are a few basic parts in which pickups are made.

A. Permanent magnets B. pole pieces C. coil or coils D. bobbin

A.  Permanent magnets can be made of several types of material IE: Alnicos & Ceramic being the most common. There are several grades of Alnicos and Ceramics

B. Pole pieces are usually made of rod magnets -often Alnico & sand cast like in Fender single coils and a soft iron material used to direct the magnetic field.

C. Coils are wound with several thousand turns of wire . Depending on the diameter of the magnet wire, the number of turns and shape of the coil will help determine the sound and output of the pickup. More turns will increase the output and make the pickup sound less bright Less turns will decrease the output and make the pickup sound brighter. In a humbucking pickup two coils can be connected in series or parallel. Humbuckers usually have a fatter sound than singlecoils. Hanwound coils are less regular and tight than modern machine wound  and hence fatter

D. Bobbins can be made from different materials ranging from paper, bakelite, nylons, vulcanized fiber, plastics and other nonconductive materials. Bobbins are used to hold the wound coil stable and keep it from changing shape.



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